Plan Ahead for Snow Removal

Even if the snow can be beautiful and it is useful to fulfill the desires of children to close the school and do not go to school in the morning, but it can also be a complex issue for the homeowners. Depending on your place of residence and the amount of snow which captures your surroundings and it defines your need Snow Removal Edmonton Professionals. Few people break down the old snow shovel by themselves and some people use the kids to remove the snow for cheap return. But there are many situations where these choices are not useful. If your area receives some heavy snowfalls each year, so you have to call for professional snow removal services in Edmonton.

Benefits of Professional Snow Removal

If you cannot do the snow removal by yourself so hiring a professional Edmonton Snow removal service is only worth the cost. Homeowners in cities and towns who simply have a sidewalk to shovel might find that it’s simply less of a problem (and less expensive) to do the job themselves.

Those with a large driveway or living in a remote location can find that the time saved by getting a professional snow removal service is a lifesaver when it comes to getting work or hanging out. Spending hours, even with a snow blower, the results you make by yourself may not be as impressive as what a professional can do with their experience.

Another important reason to hire a snow cleaning service occurs when you own a rental property. Whether it’s an apartment complex or some home in the city, with a professional snow removal service that works for you, make sure your tenants are satisfied and safe.

When to hire Snow Removal Professional

Think about removing snow, especially during holidays. Because visitors are frequently coming and going throughout the season, it is worth to renting your local Edmonton Snow Removal service provider. This will make your life easier and give you more time to spend on your loved ones. If your visitors are older or younger children, so then removing snow from your property will be beneficial for those new comers and they will defiantly feel safer.

Most snow cleaning services offer different types of plans. You can decide if you want a continuous service that is displayed every time it snows or if you want to call the service if needed. However, it is a good idea to give some kind of idea before the snow is flying, because of the worse the roads, planning becomes a big problem for these companies.

If you have not used the professional snow removal service earlier, then there are few things you should consider before calling your local Lawn Care Edmonton professional. If your main concern after a big snowstorm is that you just take your car out of your driveway and go to the shopping after getting the save high way. So hiring the professional is a good choice to save your money, efforts and time. Prices and services may vary depending on the company, snow fall area and the quantity of snow. If you have a good idea of ​​what you need, you will prefer to find a place that can meet your criteria at a reasonable price.


Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter And Junk Removal

This is winter and, as a homeowner, so this is the time to get you and your house ready for the cold winter and rain. The Junk Removal Edmonton is also a part of this cold winter.

There are many things to do at home to prepare before the cold and wet. The time has ceased. Here are some important tips for important winter weather preparation.

Cleaning of your Gutters

All the leaves and feces accumulated in the summer accumulated in your gutters. If the garbage, barracks and drainage pipes faces the ice dams or slides that can prevent your drainage systems from functioning properly. This can cause water leakage in your home due to blockage, which can cause all kinds of problems and additional energy costs.

You can save yourself from leaking issues simply by cleaning your gutters and drains at right time. When doing this, run the water through the gutters to check any wrong precautions that can cause water damage. The 3 to 4 feet extra addition into rain pipes can save your pipes and basement. If there is a blockage in your gutters due to debris, then the water can enter the house and damage the roof, siding and sides of the wood, causing discharge and even ice dams if it is cold.

You can hire the professional Junk Guys Edmonton at affordable cost in between 70$ to 220$ for clean up the gutters on a single-story house, depending on size. If you decide to do it yourself, look for missing or damaged walkways and fascias and fix them.

Stop Linkages and the Cold Air

This is a significant advantage for your energy savings if there is no air flow in your home. Warm air will pass through any cracking areas and your heating system will work more and you have to pay more to heat your home. You can deal with this problem by applying bites to the doors so you cannot see the day light from inside the house.

Use a putty to seal the cracks and spaces between intermediate elements, such as a skeleton door and time frames to seal the moving parts such as the work window. If spaces between the siding and the windows or door frames are larger than half an inch, you need to reapply to the external block. Check connections in frames and windows doors as you work. The silicone sealant is ideal for outdoor use because it does not decrease and is not sensitive to the elements.

Maintenance of Residential Furnaces

You may not use your furnace for months, until it’s time to turn it on in winter. But before the cold season is over and you need to use it regularly, it’s wise to pay attention to it. Clean your fireplace every fall, since sedimentation can run better on your system or possibly a fire hazard. Clearing and inspecting your overall system reduces the risks.

If you do not want to do it yourself, you can hire Top Removals Edmonton. For a small investment, a technician will inspect your furnace or heat pump to ensure the system is clean and working properly and that you can achieve the manufacturer’s specified efficiency. Inspection also measures the release of carbon monoxide.

During winter, you should also change the filter regularly, since a dirty filter will reduce airflow and energy efficiency. And if your oven is ready to be replaced, consider buying an energy efficiency model. You save money and energy every month!

It is Worth Keeping your Pipes Clean and Tight

The ducts are usually out of site, hidden in the selling or in basement, but a home with central heating may lose about 25% of heat if air is moving through the duct system. So the Free Junk Removal Edmonton duct cleaning for dust and any blockage is very important to save your energy.

Your air is spread through your channels several times a day, so you can easily spread dust to your home if it is not cleaned. Another sign that the channels should be clean is the dark line beneath the doors or around the air ducts. Make sure your pipes are in order by closing them carefully and separating them.

Junk and pollution in your air ducts can cause the overwork of your HVAC system and also shorten its life. But if you clean you duct properly so during the winter you can benefit from the maximum efficiency. In fact, cleaned and well-sealed ducting system can potentially reduce your annual energy bill by $100 or more!

Turn the Direction of your Ceiling Fans

This may looks like a simple step, but it work very efficiently. If your ceiling fan has a reverse switch, so use its wings to turn the fan blades anti clock wise. As the hot air grows, the fan pushes its flow back towards your room.

This is very useful in high ceiling rooms, and it is possible to lower the thermostat one or two degrees to get more energy savings.

The Fall is a Great Time to Clean Up the Junk

Spring and summer can be busy and with all activities, shopping, take turns and then the children return to school. You often notice things have started to build in the meantime. And it often means many undesirable clothing, furniture and other garbage.

Maybe there are still traces of your garden or a repair project. Whatever the source, Junk Removal is also an important part of the Lawn Maintenance Edmonton can save your life and help you get rid of all the problems before the cold and rain.

The Right Garbage Disposal Team for Work

If you have decided to clean the garbage part, you must decide which local junk removal company is right for the job. And although you may be certain to find many types of trucks ready to do the job, choosing that alternative may cost you more than you expect to save. That’s why White’N Green is really a right company.

White’N Green provides a good, safe and environmentally clean cleaning service, so you do not have to worry about getting or disposing of garbage when your project is completed. If you need our services several times during a project or once it is completed, our transportation professionals will make sure that the garbage runs out so you can continue to work.

Our team specializes in disposal of commercial and residential waste. We will be there in minutes, so just call us now! Our team is fully insured and well trained, so you can be sure that you will lose your unwanted things in a professional and educated manner.

One of the best things about getting White’N Green is that we recycle the many materials we collect. This is proof of our commitment to be an environmentally friendly disposal service. If you have questions about what we are doing or what we believe, call us at 780-452-5296.

5 Important Tips For Junk Removal

Owning a truck, or having a truck driver, is never a good reason to remove your own garbage, unless you are a Junk Removal Company.

Junk Removal is not a DIY Job

As a business owner, you should consider every decision that involves costs. And getting undesirable waste and excess equipment or waste will have some costs. But it is often more cost effective to outsource this work to a local Junk Removal Edmonton professionals such as White’ N Green. Depending on where your business is located, there may be city or county limits for what you can or cannot arrange and throw.

Five tips to take advantage of professional Junk Removal

You may have some good reasons to pick up your garbage by yourself, or to hire someone who knows to drive truck. But in reality the benefits and costs of using a professional Junk Guys Edmonton to eliminate unwanted products are greater than other options.

1. Use a convenience factor

When you stop thinking about the amount of time spent cleaning, loading and then collecting and throwing your garbage or for lawn maintenance, you can have the amount of time, maybe the days will be lost. The time you or your employees spend doing this type of work is the time not spent doing what you get paid or you are paying them.

2. Consider the health and safety of your employees

Depending on the amount and nature of your waste, moving the machine is dangerous. Cut, abrasions and back problems are very real consequences of rubbing and picking up trash. In addition, you can work with harmful substances that should be treated correctly and legally. Without proper training and proper equipment, removing any waste can lead to complications.

3. Study the benefits of a measurable cost savings

When not merely considering time and wages spent on employees (or oneself) to clean up and clean your disturbance and the alternative costs of other things that are not made, this becomes an expensive measure. Using your own garbage collector may not only creates potential problems but this option can also give injuries and overhead. So try to contact with experienced and Top Removals Edmonton for safety and accuracy.

4. Benefit from the proficiency and excellence of a professional company

There is more to appropriate junk removal than just dropping things in a truck. Knowing what can be legally eliminated and what type of important parts are involved in this process. Recycling and reuse of multiple items and materials is a responsible way to run a business. So working on the Lawn Maintenance Edmonton with the professionals is the best choice.

5. Consider the intangible advantages of improved aesthetics

A common option for many companies is to simply shake their equipment, tools and other waste from one storage space to another. Sometimes these elements leave your workplace, resulting in undesirable and potentially dangerous conditions. But the prospect of classification, loading, recovery and, in some way, disposing this entire means they cannot do anything about it. But Free Junk Removal Edmonton is eliminated by a professionals, it directly improves the aesthetics, safety and appearance of a commercial site.

Cost-effective cleaning and peace of mind

White’ N Green provides excellent, safe and environmentally clean trash so you do not have to worry about getting or disposing of garbage after completing your office cleaning. If you need our services multiple times during a cleaning project or when it’s just completed, our transportation professionals will avoid garbage and debris to get rid of the disorder so you can continue your business.

Our team specializes in the removal of commercial waste. And we’ll be with you in few minutes, call us now! You can be sure that our team is fully insured and well trained so you can rely on our team to losing your unwanted items in a professional and educated way. One of the best things about getting White’ N Green is that we recycle a large part of the material we collect. We do this as part of our sincere commitment to become an ecological disposal service.

If you have questions about what we are doing or what we believe, call us at 780-452-(5296).


One of the most frustrating parts of the winter is the need to shift the snow. Maybe you just want to wait until spring and just let it dissolve. However, the effort should be given.

If you’re tired of wasting time and trying to eliminate snow every winter, take the time to use the professional Edmonton Snow removal tips for your home to make it easier, more efficient and better than ever your job.

Snow Removal In Edmonton

The best tips for removing snow:


In Edmonton, AB we are well used in snowfall. So, if we propose to make big bets around your entrance and other gateways, you should use that advice. It is useful if you hire a snow plowing company, so kick yourself or use a professional Snow Removal Edmonton Alberta. Even though you may think you know exactly where your driveway is, it’s not easy to find a few meters of snow.


Shoveling snow in the winter is like this one. If you do not have a good shake to work on, it will only be harder for you and your back. While you may be tempting to buy a cheap shake when making a decision, be careful not to be a pincher. Spend more money on a heavy plastic blade or aluminum blade that will make the job easier.

Also make sure that the big kicks are not always the best. Large kicks can cause back pain and erection in the arms. If you are looking for a shovel for heavy snow, buy a blade of s-blade. C-blade blades are better for lighter snow.


It is a mistake that many owners simply do not take into account when removing snow. If you remove the snow from a roof, a terrace or a lane, avoid snowing near the edge of your house. This only causes problems like fixed tubes and can cause cracks in your home floor.

4. NOT safe

Making snow can be a debilitating activity, especially when you grow up. If you do not plan to rent a snow removal service or lawn care services in Edmonton, it’s best to follow these safety tips.

  • Bend your knees and lift your legs.
  • Keep the spoon close to you while lifting the snow.
  • Switch between the scoops from the left to the right to avoid overloading of one part of the body.
  • Change your grip between the top and the hand.
  • If the snow is heavy, do not try to remove all the depths at once; Do this half at a time.


When you remove the snow, the truth is often necessary. The snow does not seem to stop, but if you do that, your work will be lighter the next day. If you leave the snow the next day, the snow will remain on the ground and even freeze. It makes your job ten times harder.


When you finish shoveling snow in the winter, invest in a snowplow. Snow throwers can eliminate many of the annoying parts of Snow Removal Edmonton in the winter, but you still need a kick for your deck. Although it is a quicker way to remove the snow, it is also a more expensive choice, since snow throwers can cost up to $490.


If you have a flat roof with easy access, you can slide the roof, but it is important that it does not damage the roof. You should also consider your own personal safety before attempting to kick the roof.


It is possible to remove snow and ice from a sloping roof with the help of a roof rake, a tool with a long handle that is specially designed for this purpose.


There are many different options you can use to eliminate a slippery road and even a walk like salt (sodium chloride), calcium chloride, calcium and magnesium acetate and urea. It is important to know the possible consequences of using any form of melted ice because these elements can damage plants, damage the floor or harm your animals.

Snowstorms and colder temperatures always seem to be on the horizon, but preparing and following the Lawn Care Edmonton rules above will make it easier to remove the snow to protect and preserve your home.

Top Snow Removal Tips for Homes & Driveways

We have moved from town to a rural area in a cold weather since two years ago and we have the serious winter experience to share with you here.

Even though our first winter was smooth and only had about a month of snow on the ground, and when heavy snow was started we had managed the low temperature in our inner-property and sustained our life smoothly for two months. We are pleased to report that we had enjoyed that snow season because of our good planning care and snow has not disturbed us.

Read this full article to know about our stunning experience.

Use a solid plow to clear the snow

In our first winter we did not have a snowplow or any other tool to remove the Edmonton Snow, but somehow got lucky. Actually our neighbors had previously realized that what was important for snow plowing, they also had helped us which was nice.

But the last winter was completely different from the first one. We had deep snow everywhere in our lawn and tracks. We had consumed our huge time to remove the snow which was really very hard.

What happens in the snow is really perfect to get rid of it as quickly as possible in areas to be careful. Otherwise, the temperature will rise, dissolve the snow in a disaster and even freeze it and replace your property in an ice rink.

We know people who have fallen snow in their driveway up to three meters, then the rain comes, making it impossible for the snow to be removed from their own equipment. If you have resources (or meaning to find) to get rid of the snow right away, do it and your future self will be grateful!

Even if they can be an investment in advance, they are destined to spend many years and benefit from many families (maybe you can get more money by plowing with neighbors!).

Have the snowmobile easy to push

One of the best tools on our winter site is our snowmobile. Kate really grew up in a place where snow in the winter could be 10 feet deep, and it’s a tool used by locals!

Edmonton Snow Removal is easy to push when the snow is beautiful and fluffy and makes snowy areas bigger. I think these will be perfect for cleaning small ramps, paths, sidewalks or other small areas where snow is not required. Before we get a snow plow, we clean up our long journey, but need more than one hour of repetitive work: a great exercise if you think it’s “soft” in the winter!

Have a nice snow blower or snow blower

Even with a snowman and a snow plow it is important to have a kick that is good for making snow. While we try to get rid of things before the snow comes, sometimes we need to remove things like hoses or pipes. Teams and scouts are not good at such practices because they are not very accurate.

You can use a shovel of this type that is perfect for pushing the dried snow, but if the snow is too wet or cold, you may need to use a Snow Removal Edmonton Alberta. Again … when snows, the key is to do it early and often, so that the snow has no chance to develop or melt. Nothing worse than removing wet and heavy snow!

Keep plenty of salt in your hand

Depending on the winter, it may be a good idea to have large salt cubes available. Although we keep our entrance and the sidewalks, sometimes the temperatures are hot, the sow gradually melts and then freeze again in the form of ice.

It creates a good ice rink in the driveway, but you can imagine it’s a great way to get to your back (yes, it happened more than once). Do yourself a favor and keep some salt around if things are so uncertain. Ideally, you must remove the snow before you have the opportunity to change in an ice rink, but sometimes it is not possible.

Plan ahead to unload the super snow

Another thing that’s not easy to think until late is when you can throw the excess snow that has been removed. In urban areas it may be more difficult, but we are lucky that we have a great amount of space in our properties. We have many different places where we throw our snow, but they are both far from the traffic of the car on the site. Snow accumulations can grow pretty much in winter, so plan wisely. I said that, on this weekend we got 30 “snow for two days, and we had snow fast where it fit! Finally we pushed a lot of snow for our further pile of wood fuel (we have plans for next year’s pile) to avoid it Do what we say … unlike us!

Keep ice cream in your car

If you are used to living in a cold climate, this is probably a good idea for you, but it was not my first year that I lived in a place that really came back! The windshield ice is not good. Because we live in the grid (we are not obliged to public facilities) we have solar energy and it is important to keep solar panels clean. Ice crabs work well on it, so Professional Removals Edmonton can remove ice without damaging them, and so we continue to get the free energy from the sun. Ice cores are often two-sided: a knife and a brush. The blade is perfect for ice cream and the brush is good for snow powder … our favorite because the temperature is cold!

Put Stacks With Oprit Depending on the amount of snow you’ve got and how your driveway is in your land, it might be a good idea to install the driveway at bets like this one! Jesse’s uncle was really surprised at us by putting reflectors along our entrance, and they were splendid in the snow because we could see where the edge of the entrance was over.

Remove the snow quickly

The best way to remove the snow, which we can really offer, is to eliminate the snow quickly and frequently. There is nothing worse than having snowballs in areas where it is not supposed to be when the temperature rises.  Snowplows and snow scoops are also working well, but not when the snow is on the ground to be removed. It is best to plow only a few centimeters at a time, which should be managed in most climates. Once we get a decent snow, we will work to clear the driveway, clear the trails, clear the snow from our outer terrace and clean the snow from the outside of the stairs. This prevents the snow from being completely governed, so it does not accumulate and does not stay in time! do not be lazy

Have a solid and live winter dress in your hands

Since Snow Removal In Edmonton is part of our lives in winter months, we are definitely investing in high-quality winter clothing. We do not want to limit our clothes, but to invest in things that help us improve our work.

Extra tip: Remove the snow during the coldest days to avoid the stress and to work smarter, not harder.

Do not remove the snow when it’s hot outside, even if it means you need to clean the snow at night or in the morning!  We are often in the dark snow and it is surprising we really enjoyed it! It’s a good move to winter when we’re busy with our company all day.

In summary

In the end, avoiding all the suggestions, we always go back to the idea of ​​quickly and frequently removing snow. If you do this as soon as snow, it should not be too fast for you unless you’re in snowboarding style like the last weekend! We hope you find these snow removal and Lawn Maintenance Edmonton tips useful and if you have anything you want to share.

We want to get some of those ideas and add this page to be the best resource! Do you like this message? If so, help us make more of them! We work hard to get you the best possible content. Discover how to support our blog here without spending a dime!


5 Tips for Lawn Care and Snow Removal

As the cold winter weather continues, you will notice that your lawn is aggravated by snow and ice, which makes it difficult to take care of your landscape and maintain the overall look of your home. You may be tempted to let the Edmonton Snow stay where it (of course, takes the path to your home door and makes your way). However, if you do, you can leave a bigger mess to create a spring. Instead, take care of your lawn and work on winter removal, not only to minimize the impact on your lawn after the snow melts, but also to increase the attractiveness of your home through experienced individuals.

By following these five tips during the winter, you can improve the value of your home, if you are alone at home.

Snow Removal Edmonton

1- Protect your plants

Most plants (especially those that are not specially adapted to live in frost and deep snow) can not survive winter without the help. Therefore, it is important to take steps to protect them, so you do not have to plant your garden or spring garden completely. For example, this old house recommends driving large piles around the beds on ramps, so you know where the shovel should stop.

In addition, it is a good idea to cover specific sensitive plants with a protective layer (such as a jute bag) to keep them warm and protect them from the snow. Mulching is also the most effective protection against frost. Protect the roots of plants with a thick layer of bark, straw, soup, peas, leaves or even cut grass. If somehow you need the Snow Removal Edmonton services to decrease the weight or clean the space so you can contact with your local professionals.


You can not imagine until now, but flowers and other plants that bloom in spring should be ready a few months in advance. For example, spring flower bulbs such as tulips or daffodils should be planted before the first night of frost at the time to make sure they are in the winter season and ready to bloom in the spring. In this way you cannot get a field of dry grass as soon as snow melts, but instead you may experience an explosion in the colors of the spring.


Keep your lawn as healthy as possible by aerating and spraying to improve the ability to absorb water, air and nutrients. When the turf is aerated, the ground is pierced with a small hole, which reduces the densification of the soil and deepens the roots. In vertical, the accumulation of felt grows as grass areas and other dead plants gather below the visible surface of the lawn.


Gateway is often the first thing people see when it comes to your home (whether real estate agents, potential buyers or people passing the streets), after scanning the lawn and courtyard. In winter, keep the doors wiping dirt from rain, Through Edmonton Snow Removal and investing in a more decorative way you can improve the appearance of your home and lawns.

5- Deal with Snow Removal and Lawn Maintenance

Make steps to deal with snow removal and Lawn Maintenance before they become a problem will save time and make your home look its best. For example, using a melting snow furnace (such as a liquid mixture of magnesium chloride, some time is applied for a storm with a sprayer garden) before snow to minimize subsequent cleaning and ensure their lawn the best conditions – even if you have nothing to keep

Eventually, the steps will take you to care for your lawn (especially in the winter) to show their home-adversity at home. If you are just beginning to build your dream home or trying to commercialize it, staying ahead of your lawn maintenance and snow clearing are countless benefits along the way.

Contact to your best locals that offer a variety of products and services for your home improvements, including decorative glass, doors, kitchen and bathroom repairs, windows and pre-finished installation that comes with each other.


7 Important Winter Lawn Care Tips

As the days are shorter and the yards are covered by fallen leaves, with occasional snowy blankets, many of home or business owners of Edmonton start looking to over come on winter lawn care and snow removal issues. But if you do not fix your lawn for the cold, it may be harder to revive your lawn, garden and other landscapes as early as spring. If you plan to buy or sell a home, a nude, unattractive garden can weaken you. In order to keep your property ready for the warmer months, first you have to deal with the Edmonton Snow Removal and Edmonton Lawn Care so follow these simple tips for winter garden care.

Edmonton Snow Removal

1- Know your grass

How to prepare your lawn for winter depends on the part of your lawn mat or turf that is it made up for a hot weather or a cool season. For Edmonton, this may be difficult because of this grazing place being planted in both hot and cold weather. If you are not sure what category your grass is, check out useful White’ N Green online tools or whatever you like.

The type of grass your race will help you determine the best fertilization and winter care habits for your particular lawn.

2- Keep the grass short before winter stops

Before your garden starts to freeze, your lawn should have a nice short length. If you do not but the grass so then in remaining winter the lawns will be a shelter for mice and other animals, which can cause serious damage to your garden and leave spots in springtime. To avoid these, you should mow the lawn before the membrane is predicted. This ensures that your lawn stays healthy and ready for the next growing period of time.

However, do not try to cut your lawn at one time. This will not only allow your lawn to survive the winter, it will also make your lawn weak in winter weeds due to the weight of Edmonton Snow. Rather, prepare the lawn as slowly as winter approaches, by this your grass will adobe the natural growth.

3. Fertilization of your lawn

The fertilization of your lawn before winter may seem contradictory, but this is important more than any other step, and it can make your pasture spring healthy. During severe winter, weeds that actively maintain the strength of their roots begin in the leaf area. The application of a winter fertilizer sends food directly to their origins only when they need it, so they can recover a few months later.

For most pastures in Edmonton, the winter lawn care application in October or November is the right solution. However, for some grasses with warm weather, fertilization after September can damage any new development if the first attempt of frost came too early. If you have a warm grass season, consider consulting a local Lawn Care Edmonton expert to find out that you should fertilize your lawn or not.

4. Aerated before winter

As with fertilization, aeration will also keep the roots of your healthy winter grass. By distributing oxygen and nutrients to the soil before winter, spring grass has a greater chance of healthy growth. Aeration can occur either manually or with a motorized aerator, depending on the size of your lawn.

5. Remove dead branches and other debris

Dead branches ready to fall are not only a potential hazard to your lawn, but these are also dangerous for your house, car and other assets. So its up to you that you take care of your trees and dry branches and try to remove them by your self or through a professional team on the right time to prevent from any serious damage.

Fallen branches and other debris, such as toys and lawn furniture, should also be removed before winter. Once your grass slows its growth, the elements left in the spring can cause spots.

6. Prevent the damage of your property

A common mistake made by winter owners is the spread of excess salt on their roads. Although de-icing products can be a great way to protect people in their way at your door, but too much salt that ends in your lawn will eventually kill your grass. Every time you remove snow from your path or salt, your lawn will get harm and other plants too.

Use this to avoid just defaming as needed and make your foot your main defensive line against the slip. Also check the instructions of your ice maker to make sure you only use the amount of salt you need. The Snow Removal Edmonton can also be check by the local experts.

7. Protect sensitive plants

Many plants in your garden or your veranda will have a problem surviving high winds and low temperatures in winter. To protect them, move them from windy places. Plants can help in the home or in the middle of a large space.

Then prepare your plants for winter by following their roots separated from a thick layer of mulch. Also, when frost or freezing is expected in the next few days, water your plants and cover them before the temperature is too low. Enough coverage depends on the plant. In some cases, a large canvas may work better, while smaller plants may be covered by a removable container.

If you are looking for a new home with a larger lawn to stay beautiful every time, try these tips and you can contact White N Green in your any need. We’d love to help you at your home to provide your the best offers as you always wanted

Tips for Lawn Care in Winter

  • Start of winter season does not means that we don’t need to take care of our lawn. Our lawn also needs some special care steps in winter. The owner of Lawn Care Edmonton think that it needs less care than fall because the grass becomes lower. But the truth is different. At this time of the year, grass unexpectedly absorbs energy, moisture and nutrients for a long, peaceful winter. Give it some attention today and you will be rewarded with a green and healthy lawn. There is really little lawn care that needs to be done during the cold winter months. If you prepare the grass well in the fall, it will be good until the hot spring day arrives.

lawn maintenance edmonton.png

Follow some given simple rules for lawn care in winter

1st- The most important Lawn Maintenance Edmonton steps should take place before the arrival of winter. When the first cold approaches, lower the blade of your lawn- mower on every move. It will accelerate your grass to a shorter length, thus protect the grass from harmful rodents in the winter.

Before the first frost, listen to your lawn to eliminate compaction. Then make a lawn pole, thus the activity on the grass is low, the fertilizer sows between the leaves and blesses them gradually and feeds them throughout the year.

2nd- The rainy season is the perfect time to listen to your pastures so that oxygen, water and fertilizers can easily reach the roots. You can rent a retro gas aerator for about $ 70 a day. The self propelled machine will quickly drill into the hole and remove the plugs. If you have a big garden, say more than 3 or 4 hectares and do not want to send, rent a contractor.

3rd- According to the Edmonton Lawn Care the blowing leaves are not good ideas, but it’s important to remove weeds and falling leaves from lawn as early as possible. Do not wait for all the trees to be finished. As, these leaves are wet with rain or dew in the morning, a thin carpet, like discreet, appears and helps to grow herbs and fungal species.

An alternative to clean the weeds and garbage, is the use of a lawn mower equipped with a dog or a vacuum cleaner if you have a large garden with lots of deciduous tree. Even with a rake or lawn-mower, you must first remove the leaves before entering a sharp wet pin.

4th- Most lawn specialists agree that if you only grow weeds once a year, do so in the fall. Because the grass leaves grow slowly in the Edmonton Snow and cold weather but the roots grow rapidly. Fertilizer manure provides essential nutrients in growing grass and reserve nutrition to keep you healthy beginning in the coming spring. Wait for half of the last drop, then apply dry manure to all the gardens; be alert not to lose. You can use a statistical transmission divider, but for finest coverage, consider using the spreader on the back. It takes a bit of time, particularly on the hills, but a dipper offers the best way to apply a smooth layer of fertilizer.

5th- Wipe off fallen leaves and remove anything from the grass, such as furniture or branches. As the temperature increases, new branches and leaves will be removed. The weight of these things during the winter can kill your weed.

For the same reason, avoid walking across the grass. Keep roads and sidewalks snow clear to prevent people from taking shortcuts in your lawn. Do not park a vehicle in the winter on lawn grass as this could cause serious damage. if you have heavy things around your lawn or property so you should use the residential snow removal services.

6th- Autumn is a good time of year to solve the bare and bare points of your lawn. The fastest and easiest way to do this is all in one solid grass. Available in stores and garden centers, this grounding contains weeds, special herbs in the house and organic lining.

7th- If blue grass like dandelion is brought to your lawn, it’s time to struggle. Weeds, like generally plants, impede energy absorption in the fall. They drink everything that has herbicides. Now put the herbicide and weeds will not come back in the spring.
Read the package tag for use. Most herbicides inform herbicides early in the middle of fall when the sun’s temperature stays above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lawn Care In Winter – Tips On Caring For Winter Lawns

Without mowing or weeding, winter is a good duration for lawn maintenance service.  It does not mean that you can leave your lawn thoroughly. By following some simple steps along with winter maintenance you can prepare your lawn for spring and make your lawn more beautiful. Keep reading to learn how to care your lawn in winter.

Winter Lawn Care Edmonton is the most important and provides the most active methods in winter. When the first freeze is approaching, it effects on the sharpness of the blade of your mower on every single mowing. It reduces your lawn to a shorter length, and protect your grass from being used as the shelter by animals in it in the cold winter. Before the first frost, inflate your lawn to eliminate compaction. After that do the fertilization on your lawn. While low activity on the grass, the fertilizer will be planted between the leaves and gradually bless and feed them throughout the year.

Be sure to move and fertilize the lawn. Your lineal movements will give you the clear straight lines of healthy grass in the spring.

The simple tip for winter Edmonton Lawn Care after taking these steps is maintenance. Clean the fallen leaves and remove anything from the grass, such as tools, toys or branches. As the weather progresses, new branches and fallen leaves will be removed. The weight of these items during the winter can kill your lawn or can damage.

For the same reason, people do not stop walking in the grass. Keep roads and curb clear on snow and ice to prevent people from taking lawn shortcuts. Do not park a vehicle in the winter Lawn Maintenance Edmonton, as it can cause serious damage.

Salt can eliminate many of the benefits of winter lawn care. Do not kick or bend the snow over your lawn and try to use the smallest value of salt in the neighborhood. If you need salt, choose mixtures based on calcium chloride, lower than sodium chloride.

6 Important Snow Removal Tips

In the winter of 2017 it is expected to bring more snow to the east and cool temperatures to the south and west. We seem to hear these horrible predictions every year and, then, if you live in such areas, you should know how to deal with a difficult winter and to control impacts of Edmonton Snow.

Snow removal is perhaps the most intense and timely task that many of us need to endure every winter, but unfortunately it is also the most important requirement. Without proper tricks to remove the snow, you may lose your entrance, view when you take the mail or, unfortunately, destroy your appeal once the white trim disappears.

That’s why I showed six tricks and tips for Snow Removal Edmonton. If you expect heavy snow and you want to save your assets so please continue reading.

snow removal edmonton

1. Make high stakes around the entrance, hallway, and sidewalk

In Edmonton, AB we know something about snowfall. After all, we have faced the snow fall since many years. Therefore, if we say that it is important to work hard on the edge of the entrance, in the hallway and on the sidewalk, we mean it.

The useful memories of Edmonton Snow Removal will show you that where you can slide, plow and dissolve. Although it is possible to find your local snow removal professional on your own way. There are hundreds of streets and ramps and, as you know, not all are the same. Make it easy to find your way by using professional quality services. Otherwise you may face a devastated garden in winter and spring.

2. Buy a good kick

We understand the desire to buy a cheap shovel. After all, we do not use it all year long, why is there more money for the fork? Well, once the first few inches get in your way, you’re grateful that you bought the right shovel.

I recommend a shovel with a medium-size plastic or aluminum knife with a non stick finish. While larger shots seem logical, they come back and the hardness will be difficult later. The shape of the shovel is great for removing heavy snow and C-shaped shovel is better for pushing and removing soft snow.

edmonton snow removal

3. Shoveling

We understand that shovel is a nuisance, tiring and tedious. As a result, wait up to at least a few inches of snow until we boot. Do your best to resist the impulse and move as often as possible.

When the snow starts and temperatures drop below the freezing point, it is likely to remain or freeze in the driveway and sidewalk. In fact, even in cold temperatures above the freezing point, it can still fall. Stop its tracks by sliding it before it has a chance to hold it your tracks and ways. The sticky snow carries hard ice and that’s exactly what we are trying to avoid and suggesting you as the Top Removals Edmonton.

4. Salt out

Even if we kick as often as possible, the ice will no doubt do the way around your garden. As a result, Shoveling will not just cut it. You should invade the ice with salt, sand or kitty litter.

Since most Canadians tend to rely on salt, rock salt is the cheapest and most accessible marketplace. Unfortunately, it does not work if the temperature drops below 12 ° C and you can eat in concrete. If you want to avoid the wrong expenses, we recommend that you use a moderate salt.

For a cooler area of ​​the country, search for magnesium chloride or calcium chloride.

Snow Blowing in Edmonton.jpg

5. Snowblowers

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When I was a kid, I was always fascinated with snowplows. Growing up in Edmonton, I saw them in every corner and I always wanted one. It looks like a beautiful winter toy. Now that I grew up, I see why some owners cut ammunition and some stopped.

It is surprising that snowplows and snow blowers are faster to escape than the any other technique I have seen and many professional companies will offer you the residential snow removal services by using the snow blower. If you expect an inch and a half of snow each winter, it’s time to invest in a snow blower.

6. Do not put snow near the base

Your foundation and walls are really very important and its also important that you prevent your frozen pipes. Because when the snow comes around your home is not only dangerous for frozen tubes, but once it’s too cold, it can damage your pipes and foundation.

The foundation fixes are never cheap and homeowners all over the country should do anything to avoid foundation repair expenses.

Snow Blower Edmonton

Snow Removal Fee

Costs to eliminate up to six inches of snow start at $ 100. Some contractors charge a lower rate by removing smaller quantities as two inches. In most heavy snow regions, contracts may contain higher rates for snow height greater than six inches. A good thumb policy for any removal projects over six centimeters is to add $ 40 for every additional half a foot of snow.

Snow Removal Edmonton Alberta services are highly discussed compared to other types of contracts. Owners should not be afraid to find a rate that best suits their needs. In areas of heavy snow, there will be several contractors available to treat this type of work, so there is no reason to keep shopping for the best rates available.


More snow and colder temperatures always seem to be on the horizon, but if you prepare and follow the above guidelines, you will not have winter problems.